About LoC

Capitalism has improved the standard of living of most people across the world. But it has also created some deep-seated and slow-acting ills in human society. While materialism and creature comforts are welcomed all over the world, there are issues such as income inequality, disgruntled worker syndromes and poverty traps.

While we do aim to take a serious look at some of these issues, we intend our medium to be one of light-heartedness rather than being burdensome and gloomy. What we would like to point out are the moments, the issues and the phenomenon that lead one to an emotional state where the only response would be to either laugh or cry. This tells its own tale of helpless inevitability.


It is on that note and understanding that we embark on this journey to flush out, voice out and release out the feelings, thoughts and considerations of the man and woman on the street in this capitalist world of ours.