LoC Characters


Mitchell is fairly new to the workforce and is still trying to explore and understand the corporate world. He has lots of questions as he does not fully understand why or how things happen in the business world. He is currently working hard to make his mark at a consultancy firm.


Sandra is Mitchell’s long-time girlfriend whom he knew in school. She is nice and down-to-earth though a little too idealistic. She expects and thinks the best of everyone around her, sometimes to her own dismay. She has been working in the banking sector analysing banking products.


Isabelle is Mitchell’s colleague in the consultancy firm. She comes from a very wealthy family and does not need to work for a living. Despite her wealth, she is neither spoilt nor arrogant. She is openly and hopelessly attracted to Mitchell, spurning the advances of all other suitors.


Maynard has been Mitchell’s classmate and best friend since young. He loves the study and application of economics theory and is now studying for his PhD in Economics. He is outspoken and has his own unique view on almost everything, though he keeps mum about his feelings for Sandra.


Uncle Bob is a retiree who is Mitchell’s neighbour. He worked his way up from a young accounts assistant all the way to CFO in a multi-national corporate. He thus has a lot of practical and insightful knowledge on finance and business issues.


Auntie Hua sells fish in Mitchell’s neighbourhood market and thus knows Mitchell since young. She is an elegant, friendly and dignified lady who speaks with great wisdom. Her wit is so sharp that she can comment on seemingly complicated issues in very simple and everyday terms.


Mr Ting is Mitchell’s boss and the Managing Partner of the consultancy firm. He speaks with a aristocratic accent and has many big philosophies and experiences to share with all those around him. The only person seemingly good enough to please him is usually only himself.


Keith is Mitchell’s colleague. He is the biggest ‘yes man’ around and will never disagree or refuse anything the boss says. The boss is always right to the point that he does not even have his own opinion or perspective on anything. He sees no shame in worming and polishing his way up.


Philippe is Sandra’s neighbour and is jealous of her relationship with Mitchell. He used to work in a bank but is now a free lancer selling insurance and personal finance products. He speaks very loudly and has a bad habit of shooting his mouth off on anything an everything, rightly or wrongly.